How To Report Print Issues

Here's how Mixam can assist you with practical advice and solutions for your print issues.

What Should I Do Before Filing a Report?

Inspect each print or spot-check your copies upon arrival and compare them to your confirmed specifications and artwork online to determine if you need to file a report.

Please aim to report any damages, delays, or partial loss in transit within 5 days of delivery and quality or quantity issues within 10 days of receiving your prints. Non-account holders can use the information below to email Mixam's Care Team via with their order details.


How To File A Print Issue Report

If you still have concerns about your order or are unsatisfied with your prints, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Mixam account.


Step 2: Click the 'Report An Issue' button under the relevant order in your Orders section.


Step 3: Under 'Please describe the problem', choose the option that best describes your situation from the dropdown menu. 


Step 4: In the 'Copies affected' section, specify the number of affected copies. After you've logged a report, the Care Team will confirm if returning more than 15-20 copies for large orders or specific issues is necessary for further investigation. 


Step 5: In the 'Comments' section, include the following details:

  • A brief overview of the issue(s)
  • The number of affected copies
  • Specific page numbers for review
  • If there's damage, include images clearly showing address labels and damaged packaging. Please hold onto the damaged copies and packaging until the team advises you can recycle them.


You can attach images later in the report, or you can include file-sharing links via:

  • WeTransfer: Log into your account to complete the file transfer, or create a free account to send up to 2GB of files. You can upload and send files without an account, but you'll need to verify your email. Click the three-dotted icon next to the 'Transfer' button and click 'Send email transfer'. Follow these instructions for more information.




Step 6: Under the 'I would like to' section, select the option that indicates how you'd like us to resolve the issue(s).


Step 7: Unless you've emailed us a link or included one in the 'Comments' box, upload photos or videos in the 'Attach Photo(s)' section clearly displaying the issue(s). If multiple copies are affected, please capture all, or at least 15-20 in one shot rather than individual copies. Ensure your links or photos/video files have successfully uploaded before sending your report.


What Happens After Filing A Report?

We aim to respond within 1-2 working days, though complex cases or peak season may cause delays. We kindly ask you to refrain from sending follow-up messages regarding the same issue(s). Please check your email (including Spam/Junk folders) for our response. You can also view our correspondence in your order's Messages tab by logging into your account. For more print advice and guidance, visit our Support Pages.


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