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Tell your story through a bookstore quality book. We use the latest printing technology to offer superior book printing without the high price tag. From paperbacks to premium hardcover books, from endsheets to dust jackets and exceptional finishes - our helpful team of print experts are ready to guide you through the process. Join thousands of happy customers today.

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The Books We Print (And Many More)

Hardcover Book

One of our most popular book formats. The durable hardcover is made to withstand wear and tear and a range of finishes are available to catch your reader's eye.
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Paperback Books

Choose our light and portable paperbacks for reading on the go and convenient distribution. Expect a professional and high-quality book with inexpensive yet durable binding.
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Compile your favourite recipes into a real feast for the eyes. Printed on high quality paper stock – it has never been easier to make your own cookbook!
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Comic Books

Let your imagination run wild with Mixam’s famous comic books. Your words, drawings and colors will tell their own story.
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Graphic Novels

Whether you want to create a stand-alone story or an entire series, our graphic novels will carry your story from page to page.
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Art Books

Art books are windows into the mind of an artist and their work. Get ready to express yourself and create a memorable reading experience for your audience.
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Unforgettable moments deserve unforgettable print work. Create new memories and laugh at the old ones with a yearbook you’ll be proud to look back on.
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Lookbooks provide more than just the newest clothing lines or styles. Pair your fashion favourites with our printing technology to create a stronger connection with your shoppers.
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Mixam is rated Excellent on

4.7 out of 5, based on 511 reviews.
4 days ago [$productsMap.get($review.productId)]
Mixam printed several copies of a picture book I created about the life of my late father. Most of content was vintage pics, little text, without the crispness of new graphics. They did an AWESOME job! The book came out so much better than I expected. Their staff even assisted with editing a few files for me such as the spine dimensions, etc. I very much appreciated that since I had no access to standard publishing software. Mixam made my powerpoint file look professional. My family was impressed. HIGHLY RECOMMEND MIXAM!!!
1 week ago [$productsMap.get($review.productId)]
Terrific quality book and awesome service.
2 weeks ago [$productsMap.get($review.productId)]
I've told each representative individually, and I'll say it again here, every single person I've interacted with at Mixam has been friendly and helpful. I recently received an order, and the quality is superb! I'm going to print everything at Mixam from now on!
2 weeks ago [$productsMap.get($review.productId)]
From customer service to the final product absolutely splendid!
2 weeks ago [$productsMap.get($review.productId)]
The final product was fantastic! It did take a little bit to get the cover to the specifications they needed - it would be helpful if the template information they give would have pixel dimensions in addition to lengths in inches. However, they were very helpful during the process and I couldn't be happier with the final result!
4 weeks ago [$productsMap.get($review.productId)]
I have to say that Mixam exceeded my expectations. I had hardback, illustrated, children’s books printed by Mixam. The quality was amazing!
1 month ago [$productsMap.get($review.productId)]
The book we ordered was delivered on time and looked phenomenal! So thankful for Mixam and how they were able to make our commemorative book a reality!
1 month ago [$productsMap.get($review.productId)]
The team kept in contact regarding any possible issues with how the print may turn out. The final product is also AWESOME! Cant wait to go to them for my next project.
1 month ago [$productsMap.get($review.productId)]
Steven was great and the process allowed for us to deliver to the client, very timely.
1 month ago [$productsMap.get($review.productId)]
Even when I have difficulty with putting my book together they are very patient and helpful. thanks a lot guys OVS
1 month ago [$productsMap.get($review.productId)]
This company is terrific! They are not only great at communication they are excellent at printing. Most companies don't make an effort to make sure the printing is correct and not too dark or blurry but they go the extra mile and a half to please. I'm a picky artists and I loved the quality of the printing!
1 month ago [$productsMap.get($review.productId)]
Mixam is the BEST in the business!!! I am a pain when it comes to attentionto detail and quality, and Mixam was perfect! The people there, the quality, the turn around time, all amazing!
1 month ago [$productsMap.get($review.productId)]
Great user interface and costumer support!!
1 month ago [$productsMap.get($review.productId)]
Mixam is by far the greatest printing solution on the planet. The staff and support are exceptional, the pricing and turnaround time sensational, discovering Mixam was a dream come true!
2 months ago [$productsMap.get($review.productId)]
The good: * Our recipe book turned out exactly as expected--looks completely professional. This was a wedding party favor and all of our guests loved it. Room for improvement: * The online UI has issues detecting which is your back cover if you have an incorrect number of pages (should be a multiple of 4). Even if you upload a PDF per the filenaming guidelines (e.g. backcover.pdf), it will not place it on the back cover--and it won't tell you why. * Word and/or PDF templates would be super useful--I had to reformat my entire book because it was unclear how to do the bleeds/margins (for the binding, in particular). * My order was produced on time, but somehow didn't get shipped on time. I paid for the expedited option (extra $100) and for overnight shipping ($420), but my order arrived a day late. Mixam gave me a $50 refund, which I appreciate, but it doesn't make up for the $100 expedite fee or the difference between overnight and 2-day shipping. * Mixam's 24 hour customer support often sends you to voicemail when you call them and to email when you try to chat with them. When they do pick up they are very responsive and knowledgeable. Oddly, the non-customer chat portal gets faster responses than the customer chat portal. I'm generally pleased with the support, but it's a bit of a stretch to call it 24 hour support. I'm pleased with my experience and will order again, but I really wish that Mixam would take full responsibility for the delay and make it so that I paid for exactly what I got.

Our Book Sizes

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9 x 7 in

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8.3 x 11.7 in

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At Mixam, people and technology work together. You'll receive quality and service thanks to our print professionals and advanced printing software. We’ll ensure everything is as it should be and more before we send your order to you.

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Every book we print is in expert hands. Precise, sturdy and well-manufactured - these are just some of the key features you can expect when you order your books from Mixam. Select the options, and we’ll produce your project with a hassle-free, no detail spared approach.

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Mixam gives you the creative freedom to create almost anything you want. And without a high price. So make room on your bookshelf for outstanding print, and you’ll reap the rewards in many years to come.