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The future of print publishing is here. Mixam’s PrintLink is a new service that reimagines print-on-demand. Your customers can order premium printed copies of your book, and we'll deliver them right to their doorstep.

This advanced feature will continue to grow and improve with your help. PrintLink is only available for Hardcover Books and Paperback Books, but we will add more items soon. Please fill out our contact form to share your feedback and ideas.

Free Virtual Preview

Anyone can access an instant preview of your work before we even print it. Display a few pages or reveal the whole story.

No Inventory

With print-on-demand (or POD), you don't have to worry about shipping packaging or stock - it's the ultimate time and money saver.

Full Price Control

You’re always in control of your earnings - no restrictive guidelines or margin limitations. There are no limits to your earning potential.

Simple & Fast Process

Get A Free Quote

Get your free quote and estimated shipping date by entering your specifications into our Instant Price Calculator

Upload Your Files And Order Your Copy

We'll convert your project into print-ready files and send you a physical copy for approval.

Share Your Link And Start Selling

Once you receive and approve your order, you can access and share your link anywhere online.

Flexible Pricing

Whether you want to maximize your profits or get your publication in front of more readers, Mixam's dynamic pricing strategies will help you reach your goals.

Production Cost

Sell your publication to buyers at production cost. There is no additional markup, and you will not receive any revenue payment for any orders.

Fixed Markup

Set a fixed revenue payment for each order, so that you earn the same amount per sale regardless of production cost fluctuations. The final retail price will vary depending on production costs.

Percentage Markup

Set a markup percentage to apply to the cost of production. The final retail price, as well as your revenue payment, will vary depending on production costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend opening a free Mixam account to manage orders securely in one location. To open an account, sign up here.

You don't need an ISBN or barcode in your publication. But you can read more about these features on this Support page.

Your buyer will receive a confirmation email. This email includes a summary of the order and a unique order number. If they don't find it in their Inbox, they should check their Spam and Junk folders, as emails can land there.

You can have the peace of mind that if you find an error in your publication, you can take immediate action to disable your shareable link. While you cannot prevent copies in production or in the shipping stage from reaching your buyers, you can stop orders completely. Log into your Mixam account to disable the link and re-upload your error-free files. When a print expert has completed their checks, we will send you an amended copy of your publication for your approval. Once you are satisfied with your new version and have confirmed your order, we'll give you a new publication link, which you can enable for sharing online.

If your buyer has an issue during the checkout process, e.g. a payment or website error or a publication is no longer available via the shareable link, call 888.510.1456 or email and provide as much detail as possible so we can get them back on track.

If your buyer has an issue with their physical copy, e.g. there is a print error, it’s arrived damaged or is missing, we advise emailing at the earliest opportunity. They should provide an order number, overview, and photographic evidence if there is damage/errors.

If a buyer order does not arrive on the estimated shipping date, we advise they contact us 1-2 working days later by email with details, including an order number. Our Care and Resolution Team will work swiftly to respond within a couple of working days. Please note response times can take longer if a case is complex or they contact us during peak season. We also kindly ask that buyers refrain from sending follow-up emails about the same issue, and buyers should check their Spam and Junk folders in case response emails land there. 

You can print anything you like with us providing your content is legal, copyright-free and abides by our T&Cs.

You must select Fixed Markup or Percentage Markup in the ‘Pricing Strategy’ section when you set up PrintLink. Mixam will pay you once a month via the secure, third-party payment platform Stripe. You can access an overview of processing payments, total earnings and transactions via our platform. You can also view individual sales transactions when you log into your Mixam account.

Step 1
Log in to your Mixam account and click the PrintLink tab.

Step 2
Click the ‘Link Bank Account’ button at the top of your screen to connect your bank account to Stripe.

Step 3
Fill out your details via the online form. You can add a product description if you don’t have a website.

Step 4
Click the ‘Agree & Submit’ button. We will redirect you to the PrintLink tab. Click the ‘Payment Dashboard’ button at the top of your screen to view your Payment Summary.You can also connect your bank account to Stripe via a previous order. Log in to your account > Click the PrintLink tab > Click the ‘Active Publications’ tab > Select an order number > Scroll to your order’s PrintLink tab > Click ‘Link Bank Account’ > Fill out the online form > Click the ‘Agree & Submit’ button.

Step 1
Log into your Mixam account and click ‘My Account’.

Step 2
Select the PrintLink tab.

Step 3
Click ‘Settings’.

Step 4
Click the ‘Payment Dashboard’ button.

Step 5
Head to the ‘Payout Details’ section to update your banking information.

Before setting up a previous order with PrintLink, please ensure you connect your bank account with Stripe.

Step 1
Log in to your Mixam account and head to your ‘Orders’ tab.

Step 2
Click the relevant order number and scroll down to the PrintLink tab, which will list which items are eligible for PrintLink.

Step 3
Fill out the fields under ‘Publication Details’ and ‘Pricing’.

Step 4
You can then use the toggle to enable or disable a free virtual preview to share online.

Step 5
Click ‘Save Publication’ to save your details.

We offer specific printing options because no matter whether your customers order one copy or hundreds, our production facilities need batch orders with specifications in common with other items in the production queue. This procedure means we can produce the most economical prints as efficiently as possible.

If you want to set up a previous, existing order with PrintLink, but your original print specifications are unavailable, we will offer you premium alternatives that are as close to the originals as possible without compromising quality.

If you want to set up a new order for PrintLink, but some print specifications are unavailable, we will offer you alternative specifications. We will not provide alternative sizes, but we may offer alternative specifications, such as paper types and weights.

Some items may include a small, discreet 0.189" (4.8mm) QR code on the last text page and/ back cover, usually in the bottom corner. Every QR code is associated with a unique product number that allows us to track the order from production to delivery. If scanned, only the product code will be visible, and all other order details with remain private.