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Even in the age of the Internet, direct mail has a part to play in the most successful marketing campaigns. It’s personal, tangible, and delivers your message and call-to-action into the hands of the very people you wish to engage.

And thanks to our custom direct mail printing service, it couldn’t be easier. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Simply provide us with your files and your lists, and we’ll personalize, print, and post your marketing materials on your behalf. For More Information, Contact Us

Boundless benefits

When you outsource direct mail with Mixam,
you’ll receive the following benefits:

Perfect print

It’s what we do best. Your direct mail materials will be printed to perfection, according to your specifications.

Persuasive personalization

“Dear Sir,” won’t cut it. Improve response rates by including your recipient’s name and other personalized details.

Pinpoint postage

You supply us with the list of addresses, and we’ll make sure your direct mail materials get there on time.

Careful fulfilment

We handle every aspect of fulfilment with the utmost care, from folding letters to inserting into envelopes, ready for postage.

Clean data

To increase the effectiveness of your campaign, we check every mailing list you supply to ensure it’s accurate and up-to-date.

Reduced waste

Working from an accurate list means we reduce waste, avoiding posting materials to duplicate, incorrect, or non-existent addresses.

Certified partner

With an ISO 27001 certificate and Data Protection registration, you’ll have peace of mind that your data’s in safe hands.

High return on investment

Studies suggest that 92% of direct mail recipients were driven to online activity, while 87% made online purchases.

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4.6 out of 5, based on 721 reviews.
1 day ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Their customer service was incredible and the product was better than I expected.
1 day ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
We had a small project (printing a few copies of a magazine that was our homeschool writing project). The pricing, communication and ease of printing was all excellent. Because our project was smaller, we did get pushed back in their printing queue but it was no problem for us. They communicated well about it and the magazines arrived before their estimated arrival time. They turned out beautiful and my child is so proud of their work!
1 day ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
One of the easiest print shops. We really enjoyed working with Mixam Inc. mostly because of how simple and streamlined the process is. The end product was better than we expected. Will be ordering again!
2 days ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Extremely helpful staff. Fantastic quality product. Great price!
4 days ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Amazingly personal service! Loved the professional and beautiful prints!
4 days ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Absolutely delighted with the quality- MUCH better than I had allowed myself to hope for. Will spread the word!
5 days ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
I had a bit of a learning curve, but the final product was amazing, will be using mixam again.
5 days ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Excellent customer services and excellent quality printing. Will be a repeat returning customer. Thanks!
1 week ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Had a great experience with our print booklets, which even arrived earlier than expected. They look great!
1 week ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
The process and the product are great but it took longer than expected to be produced and received. But I would use them again.
1 week ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
I was very impressed with my books. My customers loved my autobiography.
1 week ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
I have no complaints. Placed a small order of 75 booklets. They delivered on time and in perfect shape. Very happy with Mixam!
1 week ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
They did great at getting the product to us on time and the quality was beyond exceptional. We will definitely be ordering from them sgsin!
2 weeks ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
I hadn't heard of Mixam before so I was initially a bit skeptical. However, the design, proofing, and purchasing process was a breeze and they produced a top-notch product that I'd highly recommend. Their customer service team was also very helpful and swiftly resolved my issue when I had to change a delivery address mid-production. I'll be a repeat customer without a doubt.
2 weeks ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Mixam never fails me! My favorite printing company!!