Payment methods

On this page you'll find the payment methods we accept. We take most major credit cards, PayPal, and can even invoice companies. Registered companies can also apply for credit.


No obligation to buy

Unlike other online print companies, there’s absolutely no obligation to buy with Mixam to use our calculators and print tools. You can safely add to your basket without fear of being charged. Upload your artwork, amend it as much as you wish, and ask our customer service team for all the help you require. We’ll only ever ask for payment once you’re 100% ready for your order to be sent to print.

Payment tab in the Mixam ordering user interface
Payment tab in the Mixam ordering user interface

Payment options

Our instant price calculator has been designed to give you complete transparency on all printing costs, including delivery rates. There are no hidden charges–you’ll know exactly what your costs will be upfront. Once you’ve made your payment, we guarantee that your price won’t change (even delivery costs).

We accept a variety of payment options:

  • Visa
  • Visa debit
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Paypal

After submitting your payment, you’ll receive an email with your receipt.

Payment methods accepted by Mixam


Some registered companies are unable to pay for print orders by credit card. In these cases, the company can request an invoice from Mixam instead.

To do this, simply set up your order as normal, then message to request an invoice.
Include your company details in your email, and we’ll send you a pro-forma invoice.

Please note that your job won’t go to print until the invoice is paid.


If you have a registered company, you can apply for a credit account with Mixam. Send your request, along with company details, to

A credit check will be required. Should your company meet our criteria, you will be awarded a suitable amount of credit.



If you’ve created an online account with the Mixam website (something we highly recommend), you can log in and view all of your previous orders. It’s just one of the many handy features you can access by registering.

To reorder an earlier purchase, simply click the ‘Reorder’ button next to one of your previous orders. Our system will present your previous print job specifications, including quantity. You can amend these if required.

Once confirmed, you will be taken to the Artwork Dashboard, where you’ll see all of the artwork from your previous order, set up and ready to print.

As with any order, please double check your electronic proofs and all of the order details, especially if your delivery address has changed since your last purchase. Once you have paid and confirmed the new order, it will be sent into production as normal.

Reordering your project on the Mixam website
Reordering your project on the Mixam website