Payment Methods

Paying for your project means you're one step closer to getting your prints into production. Learn how to complete your payments with Mixam below.



No Obligation To Buy

Get free quotes and access our tools without commitment. Upload your artwork, amend it, and ask our print experts for all the help you need. We only ever ask for payment once you send your order to print.


Payment Options

When it comes to printing and delivery costs, we're totally transparent - no hidden charges anywhere. When you make a payment, the prices will not change. After submitting your payment, we'll send you a payment confirmation email with your receipt.


The payment options we accept include:


Some registered companies cannot pay for print orders by credit card. But you can ask for an invoice request from Mixam instead. Just set up your order, and send us an email or message via your Mixam account to request an invoice. Please include your company details in your email, and we’ll send you a Pro-forma invoice. Note your project won’t go to print until you've paid your invoice.


If you are a registered company, you can apply for a credit account with Mixam. Send your request, with company details, to We will need a credit check, and providing your company meets our criteria, we will give you credit.


Afterpay is a payment service that gives you a fixed amount of credit, allowing you to buy print now and pay later. You'll repay the amount spent in 4 automatic interest-free instalments every 2 weeks.



We highly recommend creating a Mixam account so you can reorder previous items with minimal effort. Clicking the Reorder button on a past order will bring up your artwork, print specifications and delivery details, which you can amend how you wish.


Please double-check your proofs and order details, especially if your delivery address has changed since your last purchase. Once you have paid and confirmed the new order, it will go into production.

Reordering your project on the Mixam website