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High-Quality Printing With Studio Walden

Discover how Vincent at Studio Walden leverages print to propel business growth and client engagement.

High-Quality Printing With Studio Walden

In an era where digital platforms dominate the marketing landscape, Studio Walden in Cumbria, UK, stands out by harnessing print's tangible, enduring power. 

Known for its thoughtful design and branding, Studio Walden has fully embraced print's tactile and visual impact. Led by Vincent Walden, the studio integrates print to enhance client engagement and retention while reflecting its brand values. Vincent explains how Mixam's high-quality printing became a cornerstone of his projects.


Vincent, how did you first hear about Mixam, and what factors did you consider when choosing to print with us?

I was first introduced to Mixam by my colleague, who is an Illustration Lecturer who has used Mixam to produce personal and student publications. The main reason for working with Mixam was the consistency of quality and cost.


Can you describe how Studio Walden began incorporating high-quality printing into your business?

As a design studio that often works in print, finding a reliable printer for publishing was very important - I found myself designing and producing large quantities of zines and cookbooks.


Could you share a project where print significantly impacted its success?

In late 2022, I took on a passion project to create a cookbook for a close family friend. The book encapsulated a history of handed-down recipes from a much-missed mother and grandmother. Using Mixam, we made a professional hardcover cookbook that will last for generations. The ability to accurately turn this artwork into a physical, quality book was a massive part of its success.


'Dolly's Kitchen Cookbook' by author and illustrator Emmy Sealey, designed by Studio Walden


Printing has a tangibility that is unachievable with digital production…”


How has brand perception changed since integrating print materials, and how have clients responded?

My brand hasn’t changed, as print has always been a key part of my process, but relying on Mixam for quality print at scale (up to 20,000 units at a time) has provided a lot of security for my clients. They often ask me, “Do you have a printer you would recommend for this?” so confidently suggesting Mixam has been beneficial.


What role does print play in your educational and mentorship programs?

As a lecturer supporting students in Graphic Design and Illustration, I have more than a few projects that require print to realise their vision. As zines, books, and large-format posters often come into scope, it’s easy to recommend students use Mixam, as I can support them through the process with the confidence that the team will help.


Vincent's yearbooks for his son


What advice would you give to other businesses looking to improve their growth through printing?

Printing has a tangibility that is unachievable with digital production, providing a notion of quality and trust. Starting with smaller, self-initiated print projects could be a great way to find a new avenue in your business. For example, each year, I make a yearbook for my son’s birthday to capture and archive all the photos we keep digitally on our phones—both to keep them safe but also to give him a window into his history for years to come – this project has gained lots of attention with many people taking inspiration from its format.


Looking forward, how do you see the role of print evolving at Studio Walden?

Now that I’ve used Mixam to produce three professional cookbooks, I want to explore my passion for publishing more. I’m actually working on a poetry book that should go into print in the coming months.


Studio Walden's story is a compelling reminder of the power of print to enhance client and personal projects. In a world increasingly focused on digital, the physical appeal of print can offer businesses a distinctive edge. For companies looking to captivate their audience beyond digital means, Mixam's printing services could be the key to unlocking your growth potential!

For more information about Studio Walden, visit their website and InstagramYou can also check out the array of posts on Mixam's Blog and visit our Support section for helpful guidance and advice on all things print.


Image Credit: Studio Walden

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