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How to Create Personalized Coloring Books Online

Create your custom coloring books with Mixam’s step-by-step guide. Discover how to design captivating pages, choose the right paper, and self-publish your work for engaging coloring experiences.

How to Create Personalized Coloring Books Online

Printing personalized coloring books can be fun and rewarding, whether you're making an original gift idea, an educational tool for children, or a therapeutic resource for adults. Here's our step-by-step guide on how to turn your artwork into beautifully printed custom coloring books.


Decide who your coloring book is for

First, define your audience. Is your coloring book intended for young children, teenagers, adults, or people of all ages? Understanding your audience helps you tailor your designs' content, style, and complexity. For instance, while children might enjoy simple shapes and characters, adults may prefer more intricate patterns and themes.


Create a concept or theme

A compelling theme is at the core of every great coloring book. Your theme could be educational, like "The Wonders of the Ocean," therapeutic, such as "Mindfulness Meditation," or just plain fun, like "Space Adventures." This theme will guide the design of your pages and ensure coherence throughout the book.


Chanamon Ratanalert at Maison Chanamon (@maisonchanamon)


How will you design your coloring book?

Leveraging software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, you can create designs from scratch or modify existing images (ensuring you have the right to use them). Remember to keep the lines clear and spaced well enough for coloring. For those less familiar with graphic design, consider hiring a professional to realize your vision.


Choosing coloring book sizes

Coloring books come in various sizes. Popular dimensions include Letter size (8.5" x 11") for a traditional feel or a more compact A5 (5.8" x 8.3") for portability. Size can affect the user experience and print cost, so always consider your audience's needs and budget.


Geneva Benton (@gdbeeart)


Choosing the right paper

Paper is central to the coloring experience. Thick paper, like 80lb or 100lb Text, is ideal, especially for adult coloring books, to minimize show-through from markers and provide a pleasant tactile experience. The paper type and texture can also enhance a book's usability.


Consider monetizing your creativity

You can sell your coloring books with a print-on-demand service. This service enables the direct selling and shipping of printed books to customers without the traditional hassles of inventory and distribution. Mixam's print-on-demand solution, PrintLink, is free to get started. You can sell your books instantly and securely from one convenient online webpage and earn a monthly income based on your preferred markup. This service is also excellent for testing the market or for limited editions.

We’ve also developed New PrintLink Features to improve how self-publishers share and sell their books online.


Sarah Kuehnle at Studio Sooper (@ursooperduper)


Promote your book

Once your coloring book prints have arrived, it's time to share them with the world! Use online and offline platforms, from social media to local bookstores to community centers, to get the word out about your latest book release. Social media marketing, particularly platforms with a strong visual presence like Instagram, can be especially effective for showcasing your coloring book designs.

Refer to the tips and ideas in our blog post on marketing self-published books.



Creating personalized coloring books is a fantastic creative outlet and a simple way to provide customized gifts or kickstart a small business. By focusing on design, choosing the right materials, and effectively promoting them, your custom coloring books can become a cherished addition to any collection.


Start your Coloring Book project here. For more news and inspiration, check out the array of posts on Mixam's Blog and visit our Support section for helpful guidance and advice on all things print.


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