Feb 26, 2024 • 1 min read

Mixam Announces Entry Into Creator Economy With Latest Partnership

Explore how Mixam’s collaboration with Fourthwall is redefining print for the creator economy.

Mixam Announces Entry Into Creator Economy With Latest Partnership

Mixam is marking its move into the creator economy by joining forces with leading creator business platform, Fourthwall.

Fourthwall is a platform that turns digital creators into entrepreneurs. It provides customizable websites, e-commerce tools and a host of resources to simplify brand building and earning, turning creativity into a thriving business.

The partnership aims to harness creativity by offering innovative and tangible ways to help creators connect and enhance interactions with their community. Mixam’s book printing service is embracing the shift towards personalized, creator-driven content, tapping into a vast, vibrant market of independent creators, small businesses, and brands seeking high-quality print items.

The creator culture phenomenon has allowed individuals to leverage digital platforms to foster communities around shared interests. But the creator economy takes this one step further by enabling and supporting creators with the platforms and revenue models to help them build a livelihood from their creative output.

Autumn Eston, Head of Brand Marketing at Mixam, said: 


“Mixam’s platform serves a diverse customer base, from B2B to direct-to-consumer businesses. Our collaboration with Fourthwall represents our expansion into the B2B2C sector, a strategic move to tap into new markets and revenue streams. By partnering with Fourthwall, we can give creators a true full-service, seamless end-to-end experience, utilizing their e-commerce platform and 3PL and fulfillment services. The creator economy is a thriving and rapidly growing ecosystem, and we’re excited to be part of it. Fourthwall and Mixam will empower creators to monetize their passions and turn their ideas into a reality.”


Ultimately, Mixam’s and Fourthwall’s partnership reflects a broader shift in the industry towards more personalized, creator-focused services. It’s an exciting time in the company’s growth and expansion plans and will redefine the role of traditional printing in the digital age.

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