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Celebrate AAPI Month Through Print With These 6 Creators

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is an important time for many. Let’s introduce you to a few people and projects from these communities.

Celebrate AAPI Month Through Print With These 6 Creators

Every May, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month celebrates and commemorates multiple cultures' influence, history, and achievements in the United States. And many AAPI creators today use printed media to share their stories and connect with broader communities.

AAPIs have made significant contributions to American society. Congress passed a law in 1992 that annually designated May as Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month, acknowledging key events such as the arrival of Japanese immigrants in the 1970s to the completion of the transcontinental railroad made by mostly Chinese labor.

Mixam’s customers are diverse and come from all backgrounds. And in celebration of AAPI month, we want to share some AAPI print projects we were lucky to be a part of and put a spotlight on their creators! 


Heegyum Kim

Heegyum Kim is an award-winning freelance illustrator who enjoys drawing animals and nature in her humorous, whimsical, and graphic style. She especially loves to explore shapes and colors to show a character’s unique personality. Heegyum specializes in Children’s Picture Books and related matters. She is originally from South Korea and currently lives in New York with her husband and their two corgis. Her Instagram profile is an excellent introduction to her work too!

She created Art Prints with us, turning her gouache paint and color pencil drawings featuring the likes of Shakespeare and artist Peter Bruegel into neat 4” x 6” pieces of wall art on uncoated cover stock. Art Prints are a great way to decorate any space, and we’re sure Heegyum Kim’s will make a colorful addition to any room. Plus, uncoated paper is perfect for giving prints an understated look as it doesn’t have a coating, giving printwork a very soft finish. 



A photo of APPI creator Mindy Yi smiling and holding her manga print 'Super Rookie' featuring a rollerskating girl in cape with food on a tray.

Mindy Yi 

Mindy Yi is a multi-talented writer, artist and animator based in Los Angeles. She started her story “Super Rookie” as a webcomic and developed it into printed Manga to sell at a local book fair. Her story tells the tale of an anime girl navigating American life “making rent, fighting monsters and adulting for the very first time”. 

Manga originated in Japan in the form of Graphic Novels or Comics. It’s multimodal, meaning more than one literacy exists in one format. Manga includes images, words and even foreign languages, making for an engaging reading experience that differentiates itself from traditional books. Black and white printing on the inner pages is an economical and visually appealing option for action-packed stories like Mindy’s.



Corina Chen and Michelle Pan 

Corina and Michelle are members of the student-led QLS Creative Media Club. They explore a variety of artistic mediums, from photography to graphic design to video editing. Recognizing the demand for digital-based skills, they engage in various activities where digital art and creativity are central.

Amongst their many projects, the duo founded a fashion magazine in preparation for their school’s annual Fashion Show. Printed on lightweight paper, they printed a full-colour Digest size magazine to showcase photographs from the show, which showcased an array of styles and clothing from different cultures. Whether you aim to report, persuade or inform your readers, magazines are another touchpoint for people to interact and open discussions around your chosen topic(s). Magazines offer a tactile reading experience today and in future years.


Hyesu Lee

Hyesu Lee has multiple job titles - she’s an illustrator, artist, muralist, and educator, born and raised in South Korea! It wasn’t until her mid-twenties that she moved to the UK to complete her Illustration degree, but she now lives in Brooklyn, New York City, having gained a Master's degree. Hyesu firmly believes art has no language barrier and uses observational drawing to convey witty, warm concepts and human interactions. She’s collaborated with various global brands and created illustrations for digital platforms, printed magazines, public murals and packaging.

Hyesu printed a series of illustrated Flyers with us, which she folded to create Pocket Size Guides to Brooklyn. They showcase rich and exciting street food hotspots to local points of interest, and users can place checkmarks next to every item they see at each location. She printed her guides on 80lb. uncoated paper - a practical option with minimal transparency ideal for prints that will be frequently handled (perfect for anyone who takes Hyesu’s guides on their adventures around town)!


Michelle Dela Cruz

Michelle Dela Cruz is a Filipino-American creative based in California. Her documentary-style film photography often depicts her travels, focusing on people in movement, nightlife, and everyday scenery. The inner satin paper makes Michelle’s photographs appear bright and defined, and the matte cover finish offers a natural, subtle look. She printed her zine ‘Muse’ with us, which includes shots taken on a Fujifilm and Kodak 35mm film.

Think of zines as physical blogs. They’re usually low-circulated, low-cost, and self-published publications that simplify getting your work out there. Anyone can make a zine and fill it with almost any content they want, which makes them so appealing. 


AAPI Heritage Month has become increasingly inclusive, prompting Western-Asian cultures to participate as well. You can also join our print community and share your stories and passions through print. Learn more about how to print with us here or contact us for assistance by phone, email or our helpful Chat service. And for more information about AAPI History, head to the link here.

For more news and inspiration, check out the array of posts on Mixam's Blog and visit our Support section for helpful guidance and advice on all things print.


Image Credits: Hyesu Lee, Heegyum Kim, Mindy Yi, Michelle Dela Cruz and Corina Chen.

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