Our Print Finishes

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your designs, so you should always consider the type of finish you’d like on your print. Not only because it makes your work look even better, a finish provides protection and makes your print more durable.

Here you’ll find all the information to help you choose the ideal print finish for your project.


Choose your print finish

A laminate is a plastic coating applied to the finished product. It is durable and offers a high degree of protection, prolonging the life of the item.
We really can’t recommend lamination enough. It’s ideal for products such as hardcover books and catalogs, protecting from scuffs and scratches, while preventing folds from cracking and ink transferring or rubbing off onto fingers. And once laminated, the paper will not tear.

We offer three options for lamination:

  • Gloss - Offers a shiny, high gloss finish
  • Matte - Muted for a traditional finish
  • Soft Touch - Matte finish with a soft, tactile feel
Note: If you are unsure, we recommend choosing a Matte finish.

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