Asked Questions

Artwork questions

What’s ‘bleed’ and why do I need it?

It’s the section of your design that’s trimmed off when it’s cut to final size. It ensures your image reaches the very edge of the design and there are no white edges. At Mixam, we need a 1/8 of an inch bleed on all documents.

It’s best if you can add bleed before you upload your document. Some programs – like InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop – allow you to do this. But if you need any help, just give us a call.

If you can’t add bleed before uploading, we’ll do our best to add it for you. We’ll either expand the size of the document (but this will move the text closer to the edge), or mirror the image. But for the best results, we recommend adding it before uploading your documents.

What are trim lines, bleed and gutter margin?

Trim lines - are indicated by the green line on the file preview in the ‘Artwork’ tab of your order, this is where your document will be trimmed.

Bleed – indicated by the blue line on the file preview. Make sure your document extends to this line to avoid white edges when trimmed to size.

Gutter margin – this is indicated by the vertical shaded area within the on the file preview. This highlights the part of the page that it likely to be hidden on a PUR perfect bound or casebound order when bound.

What should I look for when I’m checking my proofs?
Keep an eye out for garbled or missing text, and check that everything is in the right place. Make sure you thoroughly proof read and spellcheck your prints before you upload them.
What does your artwork check include?
Really low quality pictures (under 100dpi), items too close to the edge and missing fonts. A warning will flash up if our system detects any of these. We don't check for design, content or spelling errors.
What kind of font should I use?
You can use any font you like, as long as it’s embedded into the document.
What file types can I upload?
PDF, jpg, Postscript, MS Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Lotus and Excel.
What binding options do you offer?

Saddle stitching (for magazines up to 64 pages): A popular binding method where two staples pass through the central fold of pages.

Perfect bound (for magazines with 40+ pages): The pages and cover are glued together to create a square spine. The other three sides of the magazine are then trimmed to create perfectly straight edges. The spine depth will show in your order description.

Strong PUR binding (for magazines over 116 pages): This is the same as perfect binding, but the glue is stronger to hold more pages. The spine depth will show in your order description.

How do I upload covers and the spine design?
Upload them as three separate documents – front cover, back cover and spine.
How can I make sure color prints the way I want it?

When creating your project, your software program may give you the choice of working in RGB (Red, Green and Blue) or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). We print using CMYK (as do all printers), so it’s best if you can work in CMYK before uploading your proofs. This prevents any color shift that can happen if we convert your document ourselves.

Color can look different on your screen compared to a printed page. This is because screens are backlit whereas a print reflects color. If color is critical, get in touch and we’ll do our best to get the result you want.

How do I make sure my prints are well defined?

We recommend using images that are between 150 – 300dpi (dots per inch). Anything less than 100dpi may appear pixelated.

Should I upload single pages or spreads?
Our system will accept either. Although you may find it easier to upload single pages.
I’m using perfect binding. How much space should I leave for the spine?
Up to 1/3 of an inch of the page is taken into the spine, so create a bigger margin on the spine edge.
Why are there white lines in my proof?
Don’t worry, they won’t print. They’re called stitching and they only appear on the screen.

Payment questions

Which payment methods do you accept?
Credit and debit cards, bank transfers and Paypal.
I want to cancel my order. Will I get a full refund?
Yes, if you cancel before it goes into production.

Delivery questions

How much is delivery?

Mixam takes the guesswork out of shipping rates. All our print and shipping prices are available to view before you add items to your basket.

When you enter the ZIP code for your main address, you can choose from a range of up-to-date shipping rates. You can even include multiple addresses in your order if you wish to ship them to more than one location.

Where do you deliver?
We ship to everywhere in the US and we also ship to Canada, Europe, Australia and beyond. Please call us to organize any international deliveries.
How long will my order take to be delivered?

When you use our price calculator to get a quote, an estimated 'shipping on' date will appear. This is when your order will be finish printing and be shipped from the printers.

When you enter your ZIP code at the next step, you will be given a choice of shipping services, which can vary from Next Day Air to 3 Day Select or Ground.

So if you placed your print order on the 1st of June, the 'shipping on' date was the 5th of June and you selected UPS 3 Day Select for shipping to your address, your print order would take an estimated total of 7 days to arrive.

If you need your ordered delivered on a specific date, please contact us and we’ll do everything we can to get it to you when you need it.

I need my order for a certain date. Can you accommodate this?
Usually, yes we can. Please call us on 888.510.1456 and we’ll do our very best. Although it may not always be possible.
How is my order delivered?

We use UPS for all of our deliveries.

Depending on what stage the delivery is at, you can also change the delivery details – you could ask for it to be left with a neighbor, left on the front porch or even change the address. Please call us to organise a change in your delivery details.

How is my item packed?
In secure double‐walled boxes.
My order hasn’t arrived. Who should I call?
Please contact us, either through the messaging section in your order manager, by email at or call us on 888.510.1456.
How much are the shipping rates?
All our print and shipping prices are available to view before you add items to your basket. When you enter the ZIP code for your address, you can choose from a range of up-to-date shipping rates. You can even include multiple addresses in your order if you wish to ship them to more than one location.
Where will my order be printed?

When you’ve placed your order with Mixam, we’ll take it straight to production. We print at multiple production centers around the country. All of our centers create high-quality work and use the same technology and equipment.

Our main offset print site is in Wisconsin, but we have other locations in California and Missouri. We process all digital printing projects at our production centers in Maryland and Massachusetts.

During busy periods, we may print some orders at our overflow center in Ontario. But don’t worry - if we print at a location further away, this will not come at an extra cost. We take every opportunity to print your work as close to you as possible.

And if you’ve ordered multiple items in one order, your products may arrive separately, as we may produce them at different locations.

Other questions

How do I order a reprint?
If you open an account, all your previous orders will be saved, so you can reorder. If you placed an order but didn’t open an account, just contact us with the order number and we’ll find the file. Note that prices may have changed since your last order.
How do I make a complaint?

Sometimes things may go wrong. But we are here to help and offer you solutions and practical advice for next time. Before filing a complaint, we recommend you revisit your online order once more to ensure the print specifications and artwork match what was confirmed and displayed on-screen.

Before filing a complaint, we recommend you revise your online order once more to ensure the print specifications and artwork match what was confirmed and displayed on-screen.

If something is still not correct, please log in to your Mixam account and head to your Orders page. You will see a red 'Problem with order?' button under the relevant order number. Clicking this button will record the information, and our Customer Care team will receive a notification.

To help us resolve your issue quickly and effectively, please provide the following details:

  • A description that best describes your problem from the dropdown menu
  • A brief overview of the issue in the comments box
  • The total quantity of copies affected
  • Any specific page numbers we need to check
  • Upload photographs or videos, clearly showing the issues. If multiple copies are affected, please capture all copies or at least 15 to 20 in the same shot. (If the concern is with a paper or color variance, we may have to ask you to return them for further investigation, but we will confirm this as soon as possible).
  • If damage has occurred, please include images clearly showing any damaged packaging. Please keep hold of the damaged copies until we let you know it is safe to recycle them. Select the preferred action from the menu stating how you would like this resolved.

Once you have filled out the online form, our Customer Care team will investigate and contact you via email. The process will generally occur within one working day, but please check spam and junk folders as emails can land here.

For more helpful information, head to our Support page at the top of our website, where you can find more about how we print.

Where do I find my invoice?

Please click on the Payment tab within your order. Then click on the invoice link to download a pdf of the invoice for your records.